Enrollment Agreement

for MAC Parents

(also located in online registration form)

1. I agree to make my monthly and/or daily tuition payments promptly. If my tuition payment is not received by MAC by the 10th of the month, a $30.00 late fee will be added to my bill. If my bill has not been paid for an extended time, my child will risk being discharged from the program.

2. I understand that if my check is returned for any reason, a fee of $30.00 will be added to my bill. If this occurs again, I will be responsible for paying my bill in cash only.

3. I understand that the June deposit is non-refundable.

4. I agree to have my child(ren) receive snacks during the program provided by MAC staff unless my child(ren) has brought snacks from home.

5. I understand that if the Malverne District Schools are closed, MAC will be closed as well. If the Malverne School District are on a delayed opening, the Morning MAC Program will automatically be closed.

6. I understand that MAC has the right to call the contact numbers I provided and arrange for myself or someone to pick up my child(ren) who appears to be ill, show signs of a contagious illness, or if MAC has to close early due to an emergency or inclement weather.

7. I understand that I must notify the MAC office (516-887-7267) if my child(ren) will no longer attend the MAC Program.

8. I understand that under no circumstances that my child(ren) be released to anyone without authorization from the parent/guardian and proper identification will be expected.

9. I understand that I am responsible for picking up my child(ren) no later than 6:30 PM or I must designate someone else to do so. I understand that I must call the MAC office if I will be later than 6:30 PM. If I am late, I will be billed $30.00 every fifteen minutes passed 6:30 PM. MAC staff will call emergency contact numbers I provided to pick up my child if I cannot be reached.

10. I understand that if I am using DSS childcare assistance, I am responsible for the parent portion of the fee. I further understand that if I fail to make parent fees, childcare services will be terminated and MAC may pursue payment through the legal system and notify the Department of Social Services of my failure to make payment.

11. I further understand that if I break this agreement, childcare services will be terminated and the Malverne Afterschool Center will pursue payment through the court system or through a collection agency.